3D Excel: 3D Graphing Tool to Insert an Create 3D Designs in Office

ThreeDify is an add-in for MS Office applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel which allows viewing, creating and tweaking 3D designs as a 3D graphing tool. ThreeDify is available both as an individual application and in the form of an add-in for MS Office applications. In fact, the ThreeDify 3Doffice add-in is basically an extension of the ThreeDify application which brings the functionality of managing your 3D designs right from Office applications.


Seamless Integration With MS Office Applications

Built using the OpenGL API, 3Doffice integrates with your Office Ribbon and ads an extra tab (Add-ins tab), from where you can incorporate your 3D designs and objects using Office documents and presentations.

PowerPoint Ribbon

Create, Edit And Add 3D Designs in Microsoft Office Documents

3Doffice can help you visualize, create, edit, and mark-up 3D content from inside your Microsoft Office files just like a native feature. This means that your documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be enhanced with 3D content, which is saved within the document, without the need for any external files. ThreeDify 3Doffice comes with the  ThreeDify Designer standalone program and ActiveX control. Hence, the user can acquire the functionality of both these products by buying just one of them.

ThreeDify 3Doffice

Practical Application And Potential Benefits

3Doffice Add-in can be of immense help to add and edit 3D models for architectural designs, UI changes for applications, simulations, etc. Such content can be easily added, edited and even created using ThreeDify and that too with the help of your favorite Office applications which are quite commonly used by business professionals, engineers, graphic designers and even common users.

Introducing Office Designer

You can find out more about the use of this handy add-in from the developer’s video given below.

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