The Ultimate Presentation Checklist

Great presenters are not born, they are made. Anyone can make a good presentation if he/she is willing to invest enough time. When you are preparing for a PowerPoint Presentation, it means rehearsing the material however it also means making sure that you possess all the things required for a hitch-free delivery.

Presentation Checklist

To be a great presenter, you need to engage the audience. Thus, if you believe in yourself, the audience will believe you too. If you have to deliver a presentation in front of a crowd, you know it can be frightening and challenging. However, here is an ultimate presentation checklist that you can consider to sharpen your presentation skills:

Important Equipment

No doubt, most of the conference facilities supply the vital pieces of equipment, but working with your own equipment has its own benefits. With your own equipment, you will be able to quickly balance most of the problems. Thus, make sure you pack these items; microphone, replacement bulb, projector, video adapter, mouse, appropriate cables and remote.

Portable Timer

Although monitors display the time, but it’s not easy to view the timings from a distance. If it is critical that you need to keep a track on the accurate time then it is recommended to use a portable timer. This is because, it has a large display and is a big indicator of time. You can also keep a watch for this purpose, especially a digital watch with some time management features.

Bottled Water

You can get water anywhere, but if you can’t then you will be miserable. So, it is best to put a couple of sealed bottles in your kit.

Duct Tape

You must secure electrical cords in high traffic areas. Although buying duct tape in travel size rolls will be more useful. However, do not forget your own small space. In the middle of a presentation, tripping on a cord could displace equipment or can even put a break to the presentation, while you regroup, reboot or replay it.

Use Images Smoothly

Try to use images only when they make an abstract point more precise or add important information. If you will use the images or picture in each and every slide it may make difficult for your audience to understand your presentation.

It is Best to Have a Hook

Open your presentation with something intriguing that will get your listeners take notice. The most powerful hooks are that directly appeal to audience’s emotions. If it is appropriate, scare them or offer them something astonishing. Certainly, things will happen in your favor and you will be able to give a nice presentation.

Hence, the above mentioned tips can help you design a killer presentation and the audience can also have a great time watching you present your ideas.

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