The Cheapest PowerPoint Wireless Laser Pointer and Presenter

As we can see in the best presenters for PowerPoint and remote controls, this sort of devices can be very convenient if we are running PowerPoint presentations. It is almost impossible to imagine watching TV or to use a DVD player without a remote control. If you can’t imagine life without having a remote control for these devices, then why not make things easy for yourself and get one for your PowerPoint presentations.

One of the cheapest PowerPoint remote presenters is RF Wireless Presenter. This is an affordable device that can help you control your presentations and also cost next to nothing (the cheapest in the market). RF Wireless Laser Pointer might be ideal for teachers, students and people who do not require giving large scale presentations.

rf wireless

It comes with a plug and play USB receiver, has a laser distance of over 200m, along with a control distance of 15m. It works with Microsoft PowerPoint/ Word /Excel, ACDSee, Adobe Acrobat Reader and other applications. This is very cheap remote presenter for PowerPoint, maybe the cheapest in the market.

The presenter device comes with a nice bag that you can use to carry the device with you. Here you can save the USB receiver and the remote control so it can be protected when you are carrying the notebook, projector or computer.

RF Wireless Laser Pointer – Starting Price $6.31