Teal Banded PowerPoint Template

Cool colors evoke calmness, serenity, peace, and trust. So if you want to channel these into your presentations, whether for work or for school, you can use the Teal Banded PowerPoint Template for Office Online.


This Teal Banded PowerPoint Template features teal bands running through the top and bottom of the template, serving as an accent over a dark charcoal-gray background. This template is general-purpose, allowing you to create many types of presentations for different topics, such as business plans, reports, proposals, and many more.

This widescreen template is simple, minimalist, with high contrasts and bold, solid colors. This template has white text, which makes it easily stand out, ensuring high readability even from afar. This template also comes with a set of slides that each has specially designed layouts for various contents: tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams, among many others. Every slide has its own design that makes it look different from the other slide but still retaining the same theme and color scheme so that it looks cohesive.


You can start shaping it up into your own presentation by typing in your title and subtitle in the first slide, the Title Layout. Then you can add new slides, rearrange, duplicate, or delete other slides so that you can customize the presentation and make your content stand out and be easily understood by your audience. Aside from tables and graphs, you can also add photos, audios, and videos. You can also add animations and transitions to make your presentations more interesting, eye-catching, and to make them flow smoothly from slide to slide.


As a PowerPoint Online Template, this teal banded presentation also makes it easy for you to create a template anytime and anywhere using your browser. This allows you to update or create new presentations using any mobile device such as smartphones or tablets. This makes it easy for you to share your slideshows with your team, or with your audience, or even on social media. You also have the option to save your presentation in your computer or on any device.

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