Teaching Language With A PowerPoint Presentation

Language is a powerful tool for communicating with other people and making them understand your point and how you feel! And incredibly, different people from different regions of the world have invented different languages in order to communicate effectively and with ease!

Becoming a multi-linguist is a dream for many people but unlike kids, who can grasp a language quickly, it takes a fair bit of time and practice for adults to do that and it takes regular communication to master a language!

Teaching Language With A PowerPoint Presentation

There’s an innovative new solution for learning any language and that’s through PowerPoint Presentations. But isn’t PowerPoint only for those suit and tie wearing business folks and college students? Nope! Microsoft PowerPoint is an amazing tool for creating presentations and it even lets you add audio notes and videos in your slides. So here’s how you can teach language with PowerPoint presentations and for the sake of an example let’s say you want to teach French

The first step is deciding which approach you want to take, the grammar translation or the reading approach! The grammar translation method employs the use of teaching a language in the native tongue of students with little use of the language intended to be taught. In this method you can create slides in English with literal translation of words into French! And can provide instruction for sentence formation and structure. For pronunciation you can add audio notes or videos showing how exactly to pronounce certain words. And in this way you can simplify teaching a language!

If the grammar translation approach is not for you then you can try the reading approach! This method is great of students who won’t have access to native speakers of the language they want to learn. And studies have shown that reading is a great way to learn a language.

For creating a PowerPoint presentation using the reading approach you need to first add a bit of information about the language and this would need the grammar translation method! After that you can add complete text which you can read out aloud using audio notes or you can embed a video in your presentation which can aid your students regarding pronunciation!

The grammar translation and the reading approach are by far the most common approaches involved in learning a new language! And which is not surprising because these two methods are one the fastest and the easiest ways to learn a new language!

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