Take Screenshots and Share Everything with ShareX Capture Tool

A few weeks ago we have introduced Greenshot. A free screenshot utility that you can use to take awesome screenshots and then share easily across multiple targets. Today we want to show you another great tool to take screenshots and share them online. It is ShareX to Share Everything, a free tool that you can download and install in Windows to take awesome screenshots and with lot of features. This is a great tool for researchers, presenters but also for bloggers and software developers.

Once you download and install ShareX, the hoykeys are configured so you can take screenshots easily and upload to remote sharing services.

Aside of screen capture and uploader mode, you can also capture text and upload text to remote paste bin text repositories like pastebin, paste.ee, snippet.io and many others.

You can also upload files to Dropbox, Box, Minus, FTP, RapidShare, SendSpace, Ge.tt, a shared folder online, send by email or even using a custom upload service.

ShareX also allows you to share your images and text using a shorter service like Google or configure social networks like Twitter to share your screenshots and text.

You can also configure what to do after the image or text is captured and uploaded, for example you can add a nice watermark or timestamp. Or you can add a border to the image. After uploaded, you can copy the link to your clipboard to ease the sharing process.

This is the most free and powerful capture tool and definitely you will love it. Formerly it was part of Zscreen but now the efforts were focused on ShareX. You can download ShareX Everything for free from http://code.google.com/p/sharex/

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