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Free Event Program Template For Word

Two-fold Event Program Template

Event planning can be challenging. There’s the budget, schedule, activities, and all the other preparations for the big day itself. The Microsoft Office portal has a collection of Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates that can help make any event successful. One such template is the Event Program Template. This Free Event Program Template for Word …

Free Petty Cash Receipt Template For Word With 3 Receipts Per Page

Detailed Petty Cash Receipt Template

Many businesses often have a petty cash fund. Petty cash funds are small amounts of cash kept on hand for purchases and reimbursements that do not need to go through the often rigorous and tedious process of purchase and reimbursement procedures. This petty cash must be carefully safeguarded and tracked to prevent and deter theft.

Free Job Accident Report Template For Word

Easy-to-use Word Template for Business Operations

Some occupations can be hazardous or make you prone to accidents, which may render you to be unable to function well, be absent from work, or even hospitalized. Thus, part of the company’s responsibility is to create programs aimed at avoiding work-related injuries.

Simple Sales Receipt Template For Word in One Page

Professionally Designed Sales Receipt in One Page

When you’re a business establishment providing sales of products or services to your customers, you know that a sales receipt is important for many reasons. A sales receipt is important in recording the purchases of your customers and for other sales-related information. 

Free Lease Agreement Template For Word

Complete Information to State Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Lessor and Tenant

Leasing an apartment can be nerve-wracking for both the landlord or property owner and the tenant. For the tenant, getting an apartment means a huge move not only in the life of that person or simply in terms of geography. There’s also the packing, moving of stuff and unpacking. For the landlord, there’s the worry …

Work For Hire Template For Word


In every business and employment, contracts or agreements are a must because this creates a bond between the employer and the employee. A contract delineates the parameters of the employment in a way that shows both parties their duties, responsibilities, rights, and for how long these are applicable. Some contracts are renewable, some or for …

Free Certificate Of Participation Template For Word 2013


Attending trainings, seminars, consortiums, talks and other organization or conference activities can greatly help you improve your skills and knowledge on a particular subject. These trainings, seminars and conferences are also a good addition to the list of activities and accomplishments in your resume.

School PTA Meeting Agenda Template For Word


The School PTA Meeting Agenda Template for Word lets you plan your PTA meeting, list talking points and times allotted for each talking point or issue raised. This agenda template for Word is a handy tool for recording PTA meeting discussions, or minutes.

Employee’s Resignation Acknowledgment Template For Word

If you are a business owner, managing personnel or work in human resources, you know that sooner or later, there will be employees who will resign for a variety of reasons. Resignation letters are inevitable. As resignation letters are brief, straightforward and sincere, letters to acknowledge an employee’s resignation should be the same. This Employee’s …