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Last updated on February 23rd, 2024

While many people are familiar with the default Notepad app in Windows, sometimes you might need an online Notepad! Online notepads provide the utility to use them regardless of whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, some online notepads can come with features that conventional notepad apps do not offer.

1. RapidTables Notepad

RapidTables is an online notepad that is easy to use and can be a good go-to web app to use if you need a notepad on the fly. The landing page provides you with basic instructions to use the notepad online. The developer does not recommend deleting your cache and history or using the web app in Incognito mode to avoid deleting your notes. It has an autosave feature and you can quickly save your notes offline, share them online and perform all conventional notepad functions.

Rapid Tables online Notepad
Rapid Tables online Notepad

2. ZippyJot

ZippyJot is a free online notepad that gives all the basic functions of a conventional notepad, as well as enables you to save your notes online. Considering how unreliable hard drives can be, you can use ZippyJot to save notes online and access them on the go.

3. Speech Notes

If you think typing notes is a long and boring task, why not transcribe them? if you need to quickly transcribe notes, such as when saving important information that you are likely to soon forget after a meeting, you can simply transcribe notes by allowing Speech Notes access to your mic. Speech Notes allows saving transcribed notes as TXT and Word files or directly to Google Drive. You can also save your notes session offline to continue later, as well as type notes if you want to make corrections or amendments.

Speech Notes Interface

4. Notes Bundle

Notes Bundle is another great Notes Editor that you can use online to enter your notes. Unlike other tools, Notes Bundle contains some great features that could help you be more productive at work. For example, you can Extract Text from Image and convert it to text notes, you can make Sticky Notes, or enter plain or Rich Text notes.

Text Notes Example with Notes Bundle
Text Notes Example

Using Notes Bundle, you can also export your notes to PDF format, which is pretty convenient if you need to share the notes with someone else or print them.

Sticky Notes example created with Notes Bundle
Sticky Notes example created with Notes Bundle

5. aNotepad

The aNotepad is not just your conventional notepad online app. It comes with the utility to not only save your notes online like ZippyJot but also allows switching between plain text and rich text. Furthermore, you can even import notes from a Word or PDF file. aNotepad also has functions similar to Google Keep where you can crate instant task lists with checkboxes. Hence, aNotepad can be a great tool to create anything from grocery lists, short notes to content for your PowerPoint presentations.

6. Shrib

If you don’t want to login to save your notes, you can use Shrib. It is a minimalist, type as you save notepad app that allows you to instantly create, lock, and share your notes online. It might take you some time to understand the criteria for locked notes, since they can’t be edited once locked. Shrib also has a Pro version that allows saving private notes from your own subdomain.


7. Protected Text

Protected Text provides a secure way to save notes. You can create a custom URL, save your notes, encrypt and access them online. Protected Text provides you with the opportunity to not just take notes but to ensure that your confidential information remains secure from prying eyes.

8. Yanobs Notepad

Yanobs Notepad is an online notepad with the features of a sticky note app. You can attach files to your notes and save them offline using Yanobs. However, unlike a few other notepad apps in this list, Yanobs requires users to sign up to start using the service.

9. Clickup

Clickup is a notepad and Wordpad app for taking notes and collaborating online. using Clikup you can collaborate with team members by inviting them to create notes online. Clickup also supports trackable tasks, making it quite suitable for project managers. Clickup has a free version with 100 MB storage, unlimited tasks, two-factor authentication, and the ability to have unlimited members to collaborate with.

10. Edit Pad

Edit Pad is an online notepad/Wordpad app that provides a range of features one can only wish a notepad app can offer. This includes a grammar and plagiarism checker, text summarizer tool, an online HTML editor that is a blessing for people looking to manage codes online, and a rich text editor. You can also upload files from Google Drive or your hard drive to create notes.

11. Notepad PW

Notepad PW is an awesome online notepad that provides not only basic functions that you would require in such an app but also text to speech, speech to text, encryption for your notes, and the ability to upload and share notes on the fly.

Final Words

When thinking of saving your notes online, people often think about apps like Evernote or Google Keep. However, online notepads serve a range of purposes that can cater to the needs of developers looking to save code, people looking to take notes for a presentation, as well as individuals who need to transcribe text and fulfill other note-taking needs. In our list above, we covered a diverse range of online notepad tools to help you find the one most suited for your needs. If you are looking for offline notepads, we recommend you to check Notepad++ as a good alternative to the traditional Notepad app provided in Windows.

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