Video Presentations

How To Insert A Video in PowerPoint 2013

Inserting a video in your PowerPoint presentation can make it that much more interesting. Instead of walking through an audience through complex concepts, it is much easier to showcase a brief video with all the necessary details laid out in an easy to grasp manner. There are various methods by which you can insert a …

Animated Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template

Ready to launch a new venture, product, financial quarter or project? Why not present your launch in style? The Ready To Launch PowerPoint Template depicts a stick figure launching himself using a sling shot. This animated template for PowerPoint with slingshot graphics contains various interesting animated slides, which you can edit to create amazing presentations …

How To Create An Animated Picture Cube in PowerPoint

Create Wonder with this Cubism Video Shape on PowerPoint

A memorable presentation is something that brings something new, ingenious, and unexpected to the table. This type of presentation can make your audience wonder, “how did he do that?” and you know you have captured your audience.

Create Online Lessons With Videos, Apps And Quizzes With Office Mix

Making tutorials for educational purposes isn’t all that cheap, especially if you are not looking to make a profit out of your videos and require them for your students. A relatively easy, if not cheap method for making tutorials with voice over, cam input and PowerPoint slides has been the Camtasia Studio add-in. However, Microsoft …

Free PowerPoint Template With Amazing Waterfall Video Background

Wow Your Audience Using This PowerPoint Slide Template

For someone who may just be beginning to learn PowerPoint, or even if you are already an expert that simply wants to cut down time and yet create amazingly beautiful presentations, you may find many of our Free PowerPoint Templates useful. Like the Video Background Template for PowerPoint that we have below, you can create attractive … Convert Web Content into Video Tutorials And Presentations

Have you ever created a video presentation or recorded a lesson doing hours of recording and editing of content with the help of multiple applications? There is an easier way! is a web app which allows you to instantly convert web content into video lessons and presentations.

Create Video Presentations From PowerPoint And PDF With MyBrainshark

Making video presentations out of PowerPoint is easily possible by converting PowerPoint to Video or with the help of the Camtasia Studio add-in. However, one may find it more convenient to have the flexibility to create video presentations that are easily editable, with the utility to add new slides anytime. MyBrainshark is a web service …

How To Export PPT Presentation To Video in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

We previously showed you how to convert PPT to video in PowerPoint 2010. Converting your presentations to video format can help you create video presentations which may be uploaded to video streaming websites like YouTube or used as product demos at conventions and webinars. In this post we will show you how to export a …

Create Custom Expressions With Animated Graphics Using A PowerPoint Template

A while back we reviewed the PowToon web service which provides readymade templates and clipart to create animated videos presentations, sales demos and introductory videos. However, there are even easier methods of making such videos using PowerPoint; with the help of an animated template known as the Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template.

How To Record A PowerPoint Presentation

Do you know how beneficial your recorded presentation can be? Recorded slides will help you in easy rehearsals and in case you need to prepare them again, these recordings can act as a reference. There are many features which a PowerPoint offers for successful recording of your slides, which includes the option to Rehearse Timings.