Free PowerPoint Template With Amazing Waterfall Video Background

For someone who may just be beginning to learn PowerPoint, or even if you are already an expert that simply wants to cut down time and yet create amazingly beautiful presentations, you may find many of our Free PowerPoint Templates useful. Like the Video Background Template for PowerPoint that we have below, you can create attractive and lively presentations in half the time it takes if you start from scratch.

Beautiful Nature-Inspired Template with Moving Video

Customizable Video Background Template

The Free PowerPoint Template with Amazing Waterfall Video Background is a beautiful template that you can use to create a presentation with that added “wow” factor. The template contains a video of a flowing waterfall beside a list of text. The background is a faded nature-inspired photo that ties it all up together.

This template can be used for all types of presentations, especially nature-inspired ones. The template can be used by non-profit, environmental organizations for presenting their causes, such as saving the rainforests or the ecosystem. The template can also be used by companies that are creating a move into greener technologies. Even students and families can use this for their own personal presentations such as vacations, or even photo albums.

Wow Your Audience Using This PowerPoint Slide Template

Customization Instructions in Sample Slides

The template comes with instructions and tips on how to reproduce the background effects. The steps are easy to understand and follow so you can definitely find it easy for you to recreate the beautiful video background for your own videos. You can use other videos such as personal home videos or nature inspired videos as well.

Follow the Instructions to Easily Reproduce Your Own

You can even fully customize not only the video background but the whole template itself. You can change the theme, font styles and font colors to suit your own tastes and preferences. To customize the template, refer to the tips given within the sample slides or use the options from the PowerPoint Ribbon menu.

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