Social Enterprise

Handy Project Management Tools You Did Not Know About

Project management tasks can be made easy using a number of handy tools and services. You can not only make use of Office templates but also use online services that can help you get work worth hours done automatically, as well as generate trends for you.

Create Your Own Enterprise Social Network With StatusNet

StatusNet is a micro blogging and online collaboration service for business professionals. It provides a somewhat similar functionality to Twitter, with more precise options for enterprise use. StatusNet was formerly known as Laconica. The aim of StatusNet is to provide enterprise users with the utility to gain inter-service and distributed communication via microblogging communities. StatusNet …

Better Customer Relations Management With Salesforce (CRM)

Providing customers with top notch support while keeping costs down is now easily possible with the help of cutting edge technology that can enhance productivity, improve customer response time, assist online collaboration and deliver an overview of the performance of a company. One such mechanism that has “arguably” been one of the most widely used …