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StatusNet is a micro blogging and online collaboration service for business professionals. It provides a somewhat similar functionality to Twitter, with more precise options for enterprise use. StatusNet was formerly known as Laconica. The aim of StatusNet is to provide enterprise users with the utility to gain inter-service and distributed communication via microblogging communities. StatusNet can be used by both common users and individuals, however you will require a corporate email address to sign up for a Free Trial. While StatusNet does not offer support for functions such as editing of PowerPoint files, it is more of a customized social media solution, instead of a web service for running clones of desktop applications.


By using StatusNet, your teams can collaborate using their own network. When you sign up your network is setup with a URL such as “”. For example, if your organization’s name is ABC and you are the first to register the email address (e.g., then a network named “” will be setup for you. To test out the StatusNet service, you will require providing a corporate email address. Common emails like a Gmail or Windows Live I.D. won’t work. Once you enter your corporate I.D. (e.g., you will be asked to confirm your registration via email.

Get started with StatusNet

To complete the registration process, just click on the link sent to your email address and provide the required information.

Confirm Registration

This will take you to your StatusNet Dashboard from where you can begin working on your account. Your Dashboard will display your bookmarks, events, status, as well as the poll and questions from your corporate network.


You can go to the Settings menu and enter your basic profile information, change Avatar, as well as connect an Open ID and see the list of authorized applications. After you have setup your StatusNet account you and your fellow colleagues can interact and collaborate online. With StatusNet your workforce can have better awareness regarding what each project each individual is working on, acquire real-time access to competitive intelligence, insights and keep an eye on company initiatives. Ask questions, share interesting information, read posts, and collaborate with your coworkers in real-time. StatusNet is meant to bridge the gap that social media services like Facebook and Twitter cannot fill due to lack of options for business professionals.

Profile information

StatusNet costs as little as $3 per user per month with volume discounts. To create your very own StatusNet network, sign up today with your corporate email address.

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