Classroom Open House PowerPoint Template

Bright and Beautiful Classroom Open House Template

Nothing is as exciting for parents and children alike than the opening of a new school year. This is especially true for those children who are going to a new school. To make this even more meaningful for parents who want nothing but the best for their children, teachers and school administrators conduct a classroom …

Track Student Grades With Teacher’s Grade Book For Excel

Create Organized and Systematic Grading Systems for Multiple Students and Classes

A teacher’s job has its share of challenges. Managing the classroom, planning lessons, interacting with students, and ensuring that their grades are tracked are among the many things teachers have to do on a daily basis. The Office portal offers a wide variety of templates that teachers can use for their classes. 

Classroom Open House Presentation Template For PowerPoint

School Open House Template for Teachers

For teachers and school administrators who need to meet parents to welcome them and their children back to school, you would need to create a beautiful presentation that would strike these discerning parents a good impression. With such a presentation, you would need to assure these parents that they have made the right decision by …

Homework Calendar Template For Excel

Automatically Update Your Calendar As You List Your Assignments

As a student, you will have a few things to worry about and one of them is your homework. In school, it is important to be able to do your homework on time, especially if teachers require special projects that require time to create. It is also important to balance your deliverables in school, like …

Best Free PowerPoint Poster Templates

Display Multiple Information Accurately in One Poster

When you want to create a poster for your event, promo or any other marketing purposes, you would usually need creative services from graphic designers or illustrators. This would usually entail costs in terms of conceptualizations, not to mention possibly countless revisions until you get the design that you want. Aside from that, you will …

College Year Calendar Template For Excel

Set Appointments and Meetings with this Handy Calendar for Students

In your college years, you may have your share of joining activities and organizations while studying. You may even be working yourself on your way through college and having a part-time job on your free time. There are also the reports, tests, papers, PowerPoint Presentations, and so many requirements to meet in your academic life. …

Certificate Of Award Template For Students

Present This Certificate to Young Students and See Their Faces Light Up

Making classroom activities more fun and engaging is key to getting the attention of young children and therefore to help them learn. Colorful classrooms and educational props will help stimulate their minds and foster more effective learning. Acknowledging even the smallest achievements can also give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. So if you …

Children Playing Educational Template For PowerPoint Online

Use Various Layout Options to Display Various Content

Nothing spells fun for children than watching colorful cartoons and illustrations. So if you are a teacher, it is a good idea to create presentations with images that these little children really do like. Although children have very short attention spans, you have a better chance of catching their attention with the PowerPoint Online template …

School Project Task List Template For Word Online

Type in the Tasks in the Table and Assign Due Dates or Deadlines

For students to do well in school, they need to have a way to organize their schedule. A well-planned and organized schedule can help students keep track of their activities, projects and tasks. This will also help students to excel in class, keeping them motivated as they see their progress and accomplishments.

How To Create Class Schedule By Subject Using PowerPoint

Plan Ahead and Keep Tabs on Your Schedule

When you are already working, there may be times when you wish you could go back to being a student again. However, a student’s life can be hectic too. There will be assignments, pop quizzes, projects, dealing with teachers and fellow students, as well as coping with the pressure of getting a good grade.