Back To School Checklist Template For Excel

When school is about to begin, there are so many things that need to be prepared and considered. And few of these are school supplies, which can add up to a lot. For a smart parent or student who wants to be prepared and stay on a budget, a checklist is important. The Back to School Checklist Template for Excel is a professionally designed template that is created especially for preparing for school.


This Excel template is cloud-based, which means you can easily access it anytime and anywhere using any computer or mobile device. You can modify it as you shop for your school supplies, as you go around your school, or while you complete your requirements. This template is handy and you can even share this template with your family, as they help you with your preparations.


This template neatly organizes your checklist between the things that need to be done and the things that need to be purchased. They are categorized on two tables side by side as To Do and To Buy. The checklist template for Excel already has sample list items that you can easily follow for your own school preparations. However, this checklist template also makes it easy for you to customize the items with your own preparations and preferences. Simply double-click on the line items to delete or modify them.


You can keep track of your progress by putting an ‘x’ mark next to each item and as soon as you do this, the item would automatically be grayed out with a strikethrough to signify that it’s already done or bought. This way, you can easily see what items need to be taken care of so you can focus more on these and make them a priority.

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