Classroom Open House PowerPoint Template

Nothing is as exciting for parents and children alike than the opening of a new school year. This is especially true for those children who are going to a new school. To make this even more meaningful for parents who want nothing but the best for their children, teachers and school administrators conduct a classroom open house to introduce parents to the school and classroom environments while giving them an idea of what to expect for their children for the coming school year.

Bright and Beautiful Classroom Open House Template

The Classroom Open House PowerPoint Template is a bright and beautiful, professionally designed template specially designed for classroom open house activities. This template can make it easy for teachers and school administrators to create a warm, inviting and exciting presentation that welcomes parents into the school.

Start Your Year with a Bang

You can definitely join together with the parents to let young students look forward to a wonderful and productive school year. This Classroom Open House PowerPoint Template can help you get started by setting right expectations with parents and letting them know what they can look forward to in the class for the school year.

Simply Follow the Guides and Instructions

The education template features clean, bright-colored slides that allow you to easily create content for various topics such as Welcome Message for Parents, Curriculum Goals, In-Class Activity and Class Rules, Policies of the School, Class Information, and Volunteer Opportunities. After all, starting on the right foot with the parents can be a great start for a parent-teacher relationship aimed at ensuring the well-being of children in the classroom.

Be a Class of Your Own with this Classroom Open House Template

This Classroom Open House Template contains 10 slides that have the same, uniform theme. The template starts with a cover slide, which indicates the name of the event as Open House, and underneath are the details, such as the School Name and Date of the event.

The inside slides contain sample text that also serve as guides and instructions as you build and customize your own Open House presentation. The instructions are easy to follow and whether you are a beginner or an expert in PowerPoint, you can definitely make this template your own.

Set Expectations and Enjoy a Fruitful School Year

You can add more slides and topics depending on your own needs or preference. Simply add new slides and choose from a wide array of built-in layouts that contain the same background design.


This template is not available anymore, you can download an alternative template from the link below.

Go to Download Classroom Open House PowerPoint Template (Alternative Template)


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