How To Make A For Sale Flyer in Word

If you have something in your house that you need to get rid of, why not sell it? Or if you want to upgrade your car into something more updated, you can sell your current car too. Whatever it is you want to sell, it is important to advertise it so you can make people notice and attract potential buyers.


If you are not skilled with editing and layouting software or simply don’t have the time, then you would need a For Sale Flyer template that can help you out. In this article, we will show you how to make a For Sale Flyer for Word in just a few easy steps.

The For Sale Flyer Template for Word is a very easy-to-use and handy flyer template that you can use for selling anything, from cupcakes to cars. This template allows anyone to easily create eye-catching flyers that can rake in inquiries and sales for you.

Easily Create Flyers for Selling Anything

This free Word template features a very visual layout. It has a diagonal pinstripe background that has shades of light blue, making it easy on the eyes, while allowing people to quickly notice and be enticed by the content.

On the top part of the template is the “FOR SALE” phrase, in bold, white letters with a shadow effect that is a little darker shade of blue than the background. Underneath this are pictures with borders. The sample image in the template shows a car and its various features. You can change this with your own images, by taking good-quality pictures of whatever it is you are selling. Then underneath this, you can type a short yet detailed description of the item, like model number, type, quantity, or any information that people may find interest in.


Catch Potential Buyers and Make a Sale

Underneath the images will be your price, which is in dark blue, bold text. You can change the sample price with your own just by typing in the given space. What follows are the contact details, which contains your name and number.

Then you can also add the special features of your item for sale, in the case of the sample, it includes the features of the car. These samples will help guide you on what specific type of information you need to include to draw the attention and drive people to contact you or even buy from you.


There’s also tear-off tabs at the bottom of the template, so interested buyers can get your contact information as they pass by your flyer.

Go to Download For Sale Flyer Template for Word

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