Neo Ipsum Brings New Ipsums For PowerPoint, Word & Excel

You might be aware of Lorem Ipsum, which is standard dummy text used in printing and various software which come with some form of sample text. Lorem Ipsum is essentially the scrambled version of 1st century Latin text, De finibus bonorum et malorum, which was written by the roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero. Neo Ipsum is an add-in for PowerPoint, Word and Excel, which adds placeholder text for testing presentation designs.

Neo Ipsum Installation

Neo Ipsum is easy enough to install. You can download it from the link given at the end of this post and install it by extracting the MSI file from the compressed file that downloads.

Once installed, open PowerPoint and head over to the Insert tab. You will find an additional option ‘Fill Placeholders’. Clicking this option will reveal options for using Neo Ipsum.

neo ipsum

Adding Ipsums to Slides

First of all, you can use Neo Ipsum for your current slide, specify a slide number or apply it to all slides. Secondly, you can pick a specific type of Ipsum from the given drop down menu to insert in the selected slide(s). The available Ipsums are titled, Classic Lorem Ipsum, Comics Ipsum, Gaming Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum, Famous Final Words Ipsum, Science Fiction Ipsum and Sports Ipsum.

select dmmy text

The below image shows ‘Comics Ipsum’ inserted to a blank slide. You can similarly choose between the various Ipsums to check the design and formatting of your slides by adding Ipsums.

comics ipsum

Neo Ipsum Introductory Video

The below video by the developer gives a detailed overview of the use of Neo Ipsum.

Neo Ipsum has versions that can be downloaded for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Alternatively, you can also download the Neo ipsum Suite Installer.

Go to Download Neo Ipsum

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