Effective Ways To Introduce A Business Presentation

We all know and understand how important an introduction is! Whether it is in an article, a book or even when meeting new people, if you fail to make an impressive introduction then no one is going to bother about what comes next. This is the chief governing principle!

The Top 3 Great Acceptance Speeches Of The Last Century

Wisely chosen words can leave a lasting impression on the listener. You know why? Because when they are written in a nation’s rulebook, they become the law; popular songs, when given the form of lyrics and when you write something for a purpose, those words take the shape of a speech.

How To Give A Persuasive Speech On A Controversial Topic

So when was the last time you were moved and left thoroughly awed by someone’s speech? Public speaking, contrary to our earlier assumption, is not a natural talent. Anyone can hone their speaking skills! All that it takes is a little bit of practice and a lot of effort. It’s safe to say that public …

10 Tips For Successful Business Presentations

Presentations being an important aspect of corporate life play a vital role in determining your success. It might be an idea, a concept, a product or any service, about which you need to provide information to your target audience. And, the major challenge while doing so is to convince your listeners to buy your products …

5 Keys To A Great Expository Speech

Whether at university level or for official purposes; presentation is a part and parcel. But an expository speech is slightly different from other formats. In this version of presentation, you are supposed to demonstrate a specific subject matter in a well-structured and logical manner, with no reference as such to the presenter’s opinions.

How To Choose The Best Topic For Your PowerPoint Presentation?

In order to become a public speaking extraordinaire, you need to know your topic first. Obviously, it is not the only thing that you need to consider but it plays a vital role in the success of your PowerPoint Presentation. PowerPoint is a magnificent technical tool that permits everyone from school children to high ranking …

How To Create A PDF Presentation?


When you see a PowerPoint presentation not displaying the content the way it had been created, it can be very frustrating for you. However, there is an ultimate solution for you. Adobe developed Portable Document Format (PDF) to ensure that the documents created and sent by you can be viewed without distortion. When received from …

6 Secrets To Engage Audience During A PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation is a delicate art and so one must choose his or her creative voice cautiously. When giving a PowerPoint Presentation, engaging your audience is the most important thing. Without the attention of your audience, you cannot achieve your objective. Your challenge is not only to make the listeners want to listen but also help …

5 Creative Presentation Methods To Create Awesome Presentations

Presentations are no longer limited to static PowerPoint slides as there have been many new and interesting methods introduced in recent years that can be used for making your presentations more effective. While presentation skills are definitely a plus point when one requires presenting financially lucrative content like a sales demo, presentation skills alone are …

Learn To Present Presentations That Transform Your Audience

Featured in The Economist, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes and Fortune, Nancy Duarte being a communication expert has greatly influenced how people comprehend some of the most prominent entities and brands such as: The World Bank, Google, Apple, TED, Facebook, Twitter and Cisco.