How To Give A Persuasive Speech On A Controversial Topic

So when was the last time you were moved and left thoroughly awed by someone’s speech? Public speaking, contrary to our earlier assumption, is not a natural talent. Anyone can hone their speaking skills! All that it takes is a little bit of practice and a lot of effort. It’s safe to say that public speaking is an acquired talent, quite like playing the guitar or painting, and some amount of perseverance on an individual’s part can see him become quite the skilled orator himself.

How To Give Persuasive Speech On A Controversial Topic

The more you speak, the better you get! That’s the secret for becoming a great speaker. All the politicians and the celebrity figures that you see are consummate speakers not because they were somehow born with the magical ability to connect with people but because they practiced speaking! It’s that simple. But there is a certain type speech called ‘persuasive speech’ which requires a bit more tact, especially when you have to talk about certain controversial topics. Persuasive speech entails the speaker convincing the listener or listeners about something. Now if that isn’t difficult enough, persuasive speech on a controversial topic can be one tough cookie to crack, especially for a nouveau speaker.

Here’s how you can give a successful persuasive speech on a controversial topic:

  • The Right Topic: It is absolutely imperative to select the right topic when giving a persuasive speech on a controversial topic. Select a topic you are truly passionate about. Never select a random topic just because you think it seems a bit more controversial because it’s probable that you would hit quite some nerves during your speech, so you should be ready to reiterate your position, which can happen only if you are passionate about what you are speaking.
  • Know Your Audience:  A lit bit of research doesn’t hurt anyone after all learning about your listeners can only help prepare you better. Certain topics are bound to cause some sort of commotion in certain places and among certain members of the listeners. So prepare beforehand and anticipate what sort of crowd you’ll be speaking in front of so as to mold your speech for the crowd.
  • Choose a Side: Instead of giving an ambiguous speech about a topic, choose a side and stick to it. Either speak for it or against it! Never keep wavering around because ambivalence is not a prized quality to have especially when speaking about something controversial and trying to persuade your listeners!
  • Practice, Practice And Practice:  One of the most essential and key factor of a successful speech is practice. Always practice your speech as many times as possible and try to gauge the response you might expect from your listeners, this is where knowing your audience would come in handy.

Persuasive speech about any controversial topic, though not easy, can certainly be handled with dexterity and produce winning results. Always remember that the key is to spark off a healthy debate and not an argument. So be wise before making any remark and be sensitive towards the sentiments of other people.

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