Using Smartphones for Slideshow Presentation

Smart phones have managed to become an integral part of our daily schedule. They prove to be of great help in every aspect of our life enabling us to maintain an accurate record of every activity.

Smartphones for Slideshow Presentation

Have you ever thought about using a smart phone for delivering a PowerPoint presentation? Don’t get astonished! Smart phones can always be used to enhance a presentation.

Transferring a presentation onto the smart phone

Transfer procedure is largely dependent on the operating system inscribed into your mobile device. In Android or iPhone for example you can transfer it to your phone via USB, or through wireless bluetooth connection or transfer it your email address and then download the same into your mobile with the help of a web server. In Blackberry devices an similar approach can be followed. Alternatively, you can use smartphone applications or access PowerPoint sharing service online that enables you to play slideshows using technologies like jQuery Mobile.

Role of Smartphone Apps

Once the presentation have been moved to your phone, role of smart phone apps comes into action. Markets are full with numerous apps helping in converting the presentation.

Windows Mobile has a built in PowerPoint Mobile software which is a part of Office Mobile.

As far as Android is concerned,  ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer app, QuickOffice Pro and  DocumentsToGo are amongst some of the most commonly used apps.

Although, you may not be in a habit of creating a presentation on your smart phone device, still it is very important to include these apps into your device as there may be an urgent need to make quick updates into a presentation.

Usage of Smart Phone device

Did you know that a smart phone device can be used as a remote control? This can be done by connecting your system through a wireless blue tooth connection. After establishing a connection, you can roam freely around the room where the presentation can be delivered.

This will help in further improving your interaction with the audience present in your hall.

Adding Sound Effect

At times, there may be a situation where your system may not have a speaker attached with it, but your presentation has been incorporated with some important sound effects. Again, mobile device can help you deal with this situation. You just need to attach your presentation with the speaker of phone thereby presenting with appropriate sound effects.

Recording a video

Query section at the end of a presentation is very crucial. Smart phones provide you with an opportunity to record query section for future reference.

Timely Ending

Smart phones have been incorporated with a watch which enables the presenter to keep a track of time facilitating them to complete their presentation within a given time span. After going through all the advantages, just download presentation related apps into your smart phone and get ready to impress your audience by making use of advanced technology.