PowerPoint 2007

Find articles on PowerPoint 2007 and tutorials about how to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, one of the most popular versions of PowerPoint widely adopted for business and corporate use. Download free PowerPoint templates compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Difference Between PPT and PPTX File Formats


Back in the day, Microsoft PowerPoint used the PPT format which is still available even for newer PowerPoint versions. Since PowerPoint 2007 and beyond, the newer PPTX version has been widely used for saving PowerPoint presentations. If you’re confused about the difference between the two formats, see our list of differences between the two formats …

Animated Women PowerPoint Templates

For presentations about Women’s Day, Women’s History Month, Feminism, gender equality and other topics related to women, there are a number of handy animated templates that can help make engaging PowerPoint presentations. We have compiled some of the best Animated Women PowerPoint Templates suitable for this purpose.

Countdown PowerPoint Template With 10 Minutes Timer

It often happens that one has to take a break during a seminar to give the audience some time to enjoy refreshments before they can comeback for the remaining session of the event. The problem with the recess is often that the audience is not punctual enough to return on time. The Character Countdown PowerPoint …

School Bus Animated PowerPoint Template

The School Bus Animated PowerPoint Template uses school bus as a central theme, with infographic slides for making presentations about topics such as; students, education, school, etc.

Animated Education Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Animated Education Puzzle PowerPoint Template presents a set of slides with apple being the central theme of the template. The animations depict apple images in different layouts. These layouts can be used for various purposes such as for making educational presentations, infographics and diagrams.

Animated Heavy Traffic PowerPoint Template

Animated Oncoming Traffic PowerPoint Template is a video background template which starts off with a video loop of vehicles passing on a freeway.

PPspliT Add-in Splits PowerPoint Animations into Different Slides

PPspliT is a PowerPoint add-in for splitting slides according to animations. With this simple add-in you can split your animations as a separate slide to get a snapshot of what each step of your presentation will look like.

Recover PowerPoint Password Using Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Password Recovery

Password protected documents are meant to add an extra layer of security, however, they can become a nuisance if you end up forgetting the password. This can not only lead to a lot of frustration but potential loss of valuable data and you can’t help but blame yourself. Relax!

Repair PowerPoint Files With Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair

If you have had the misfortune of ending up with a corrupt PowerPoint file, the chances are you were never able to extract your lost data or make your file functional again. The trouble is that the process is not as easy as recovering an unsaved PowerPoint file or enabling file versioning for PowerPoint. Therefore, …

Create Notes & Tasks in Word, Excel, Outlook And PowerPoint With Note&Do

It happens more often than not that an idea we get at a particular moment is difficult to recall at the time we need it the most. No matter what we do that particular chain of thoughts would not come back and this gets more than frustrating at times.