Free Company Profile PowerPoint Template

A free presentation template for company profile and corporate presentations

Company Profile PowerPoint Template is an executive business presentation featuring multipurpose slide designs that can be used for preparing a business or corporate presentation to an audience. This Company Profile presentation template includes the following slide layouts:

  • A cover slide
  • About Us slide
  • Meet the team template slide
  • Our process slide
  • Tablet device slide
  • What we do slide
  • Team members
  • Our meetings slide
  • Quote slide

In the quote slide there is a popular quote by Patrick Lencioni that can be replaced by any other quote that is suitable for your presentation. The placeholder quote is:

“Remember teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.”

Alternatively, you can download other free company profile templates for PowerPoint or Google Slides, or other free professional slide templates for your presentations.

Possible applications of Free Company Profile PowerPoint Template

This Company Profile PowerPoint Template can be used for several business or corporate purposes. Here are a few examples:

  1. Investor Presentations: If your company is seeking funding or investment, you can use this free company profile template for PowerPoint or Google Slides to create a business presentation about your company, its team, process, and offerings. A quote slide can be used to insert a powerful statement or vision that aligns with your company’s mission and vision.
  2. New Employee Orientation: The company profile template can be used to introduce new hires to the company, its processes, team, and what the company does. This employee onboarding presentation can help new employees understand the company’s culture and expectations. Alternatively, you can use an employee onboarding PPT template instead.
  3. Sales Pitches: If your company is pitching to a prospective client, you can use this free company profile PPT template to demonstrate the company’s credibility, team expertise, and process.
  4. Annual Meetings/Company-wide Meetings: The company profile PPT template for PowerPoint can be used to present the annual progress of the company to its employees, shareholders, or board members. You can highlight the team’s efforts, company achievements, and plans for the future.
  5. Partner or Supplier Meetings: The free company profile slide template can also be used when meeting with potential business partners or suppliers to give them an overview of the company, team, and its processes.
  6. Business Expos/Trade Fairs: If your company participates in business expos or trade fairs, this PPT template on company profile can serve as a company overview presentation.
  7. Public Relations and Media: The company profile template can be used to present company information to the media or at public relations events. The quote slide can feature a statement from the CEO or a notable spokesperson.
  8. Webinars or Online Presentations: In the era of digital conferences and webinar presentations, this company profile template can be used to introduce your company to a virtual audience.
  9. Client Onboarding: If your business operates in the B2B space, this PPT template can be used for client onboarding to explain your team structure, processes, and what the client can expect from the partnership. Alternatively, here you can use a free client onboarding PowerPoint template instead.
  10. Franchisee Meetings: If your company operates through a franchise model, you can use this company profile slide deck template to communicate with franchisees about company updates, changes in processes, team modifications, and more.