Powerpoint 2007 Templates

Website Development Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Website design and development proposals often require the shortlisted candidates or companies to present a presentation based on the requirements advertised by an organization. Whether you’re a freelancer developing websites or a company pitching your proposals to potential clients you might find the Flat Design Icons Website Development PowerPoint Template to be quite useful.

Left Brain Vs Right Brain PowerPoint Template

As you might know, the human brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right and the left. In lay man’s terms, both sides perform different functions. The left hemisphere controls the muscles on the left and vice versa. Moreover, the right hemisphere processes language and auditory senses, logic and reasoning. The right hemisphere works on …

Best Cyber Security Backgrounds For Presentations

Maintaining a mechanism to prevent attacks and malware from infecting a network and servers is essential for corporate networks, government organizations, educational institutes, and the like. Cyber security is a pressing issue that affects not only organizations but also individuals, as no one wants to end up with an infected computer, stolen passwords or identity …

Karate PowerPoint Template

Martial arts can not only be great for learning self-defense but is also a great tool for learning all about self-control, respect and discipline. In fact, most forms of martial arts by and large teach non-violence and the means to make yourself more at ease. Perhaps the most famous form of martial arts in the …

Modern Flat Gears PowerPoint Template

Gear icons can be quite handy for making diagrams that can enable presenters to point out how a specific process works or to show synergy and teamwork. The Modern Flat Gears PowerPoint Template is a presentation template which provides editable gear illustrations.

Social Media PowerPoint Template

People engaged in the field of SEO, SEM or SMM require sending out periodic reports to clients. After a specific milestone is achieved, there even might be a need to present a presentation to give an idea to the client regarding where his/her social media campaign or website ranking stands. The Social Media Report PowerPoint …

Best PowerPoint Templates & Diagrams With Editable Shapes

Many of the fancy looking premium PowerPoint templates that are provided by various developers often make good use of shapes. However, many a times these shapes don’t come in editable form, which makes the utility of these templates quite limited. This includes both premium and free PowerPoint templates which offer diagrams consisting of shapes. We …

Picture Background Template With Textured Caption For PowerPoint

When you are making a presentation, you sometimes need to have something that would immediately draw the eye of your audience. While you can always use flashy colors and animations, there are also other ways that you can liven up your slides. One good example is by creating slides with a picture background.

Animated Women PowerPoint Templates

For presentations about Women’s Day, Women’s History Month, Feminism, gender equality and other topics related to women, there are a number of handy animated templates that can help make engaging PowerPoint presentations. We have compiled some of the best Animated Women PowerPoint Templates suitable for this purpose.

Countdown PowerPoint Template With 10 Minutes Timer

It often happens that one has to take a break during a seminar to give the audience some time to enjoy refreshments before they can comeback for the remaining session of the event. The problem with the recess is often that the audience is not punctual enough to return on time. The Character Countdown PowerPoint …