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Monthly Expense Chart Template For Excel Online

Be in Control With Information You Want to View

Keeping track of your personal finances, especially when it comes to your expenses, can help you prevent overspending. Knowing how much you spend on certain things will also tell you if you are spending your money wisely on things that matter, such as rent and utilities, or if you can cut down on your shopping or …

Personal Journal Template For Word Online

Change the Sample Image to One that Best Represents You

In the earlier days, it is very common for people, especially prominent ones, to keep a personal journal. These days, not many people keep one. However, it is important to note that there are many benefits of having your own personal journal. Journals allow you to write down and clarify your goals and priorities, as …

Family Tree Chart Maker Template For PowerPoint Online

Simple, Clean and Elegant PowerPoint Template

Creating your family tree can be exciting. It lets you trace your family, relatives, and even ancestry to find out many things about your family’s history, which makes the discovery even more special. Family charts can be wonderful during family reunions and holidays when you can all be together and enjoy looking at these types …

Birthday Invitation Maker Templates For PowerPoint

Interesting and Fun Birthday Invitation for PowerPoint Online

Aside from informing your guests about the event and its details, Birthday Invitations also set the tone as well as show the theme of your celebration. Usual invitations tell people about the date, time and place of the party. Others also add details such as forms of entertainment, programs, food, and generally what to expect …

Record Account Payments & Deposits With Check Register Template For Excel

Professionally Designed Electronic Check Register Template

A Check Register is your personal record of transactions made using your checking account. The data in this type of financial document is also needed as you create a general ledger. Typically, your bank provides you with a checkbook that also contains a check register. You can create a record using that, or an electronic check …

Desktop Nutrition Tracking Database Template For Access 2013

Maintain a Healthy, Active Lifestyle by Keeping Daily Records

Today, we are barraged with many food choices that are all enticing. It is very easy to make a whimsical decision or go for a craving, against better, healthful choices. Before you know it, you may find yourself in a health rut. More than ever, it is important to keep track of not only your …

Desktop Personal Account Ledger Template For Access 2013

Make More Informed Personal Financial Decisions Using This Template

Personal finance is one of the most important and, unfortunately, most taken for granted aspect of life. And, just like you want to stay physically fit, you also need to keep financially fit. One of the very useful personal finance tools to help you with that is the Desktop Personal Account Ledger Template for Access …

Holiday Shopping Budget Planner Template For Excel

Find the Right Gift for Your Friends and Family

Planning for the Holidays can be nerve-wracking. Such as important occasions, where family members and friends take the time off to be together is special and important for kids and adults alike. Aside from commemorating Christmas, it is also a time for people to celebrate love, family, togetherness, and the spirit of gift-giving.

Free Business Cards Template for Word 2013

Type in Your Contact Information Once and Generate Multiple Cards

Today, we are more connected than ever through social media; where everything and everyone is wired and synced. There is social media and smartphones. This is the time where everything is digital. You would wonder: Are business cards still important at this day and age? 

Wedding Invitations Template For Word 2013

Create Professionally Designed Wedding Invitations for Free

Preparing for a wedding can be so nerve-wracking at times that it can tend to take the fun and romance out of the whole wedding itself. Finding the right wedding dress, caterer, venue, theme, motif, bridesmaid dresses, are among the many things that need to be perfect on that special day. Of course, everything has …