Wedding Invitations Template For Word 2013

Preparing for a wedding can be so nerve-wracking at times that it can tend to take the fun and romance out of the whole wedding itself. Finding the right wedding dress, caterer, venue, theme, motif, bridesmaid dresses, are among the many things that need to be perfect on that special day. Of course, everything has to fall within your wedding budget.

Create Professionally Designed Wedding Invitations for Free

So to help you cut your costs big time, you can create your own wedding invitation. Just buy yourself a good quality paper to print on and you’re good to go. This do-it-yourself idea will go without a hitch if you have a nice template that you can work in so you do not have to start from scratch and spend hours on the computer when you should be out on fittings and food tastings instead.

The Wedding Invitations Template for Word 2013 is a beautifully elegant invitation that you can use as your own to call on your friends and family to attend and watch you tie the knot. This wedding invitation template can give you big savings that you can spend on more important things for your wedding–or even you honeymoon.

Easily Editable and Customizable

This invitation template is professionally designed as a standard wedding invitation for many weddings, regardless of theme. It contains a photo of two rings joined together. Underneath are you and your intended’s names. This template also contains the important details your guests need to know, like the Date, Time, Venue and Address of the wedding.

Two Invitations in One Page

This template is simple, straightforward and stylish. It is framed by elegant teal lines going across the invitation, at the top and bottom. Of course, you can change these lines into whatever color you prefer, so it will go along with your own wedding’s theme and motif. You can even customize it further by changing the preset photo into your own photo, maybe a picture of you and your future wife or husband together.

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