Party Templates

Happy Birthday Banner PowerPoint Template


Birthdays, from those of little children to that of the elderly, are all worth celebrating. It not only marks a milestone in life but it is a celebration of life itself. So whether you are planning a big bash or a grand dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend, colleague, family member or loved one, you …

Congratulations Banner PowerPoint Template


An achievement, such as a promotion at work or graduating from college, are milestones that are worth celebrating by family and friends. In these achievements, congratulations are in order and nothing else can say “Congratulations” with more bang than the Congratulations Banner PowerPoint Template.

Party Planning Survey Form Template For Excel


Today, replies to RSVPs are hard to come by. In this digital world, it doesn’t seem to be taken as seriously as in the earlier times when RSVPs are a strict matter of manners and courtesy. Today, responses to invitations are even sent over the internet especially on social media. So if you are preparing …

Groovy Birthday Card Template For PowerPoint Online

Brighten Up Your Birthday With a Splash of Color

If you want to give a colorful, groovy birthday greeting card to an equally groovy person, you will find this Groovy Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint perfect. This template is a colorful, tie dye designed template that contains a 70’s theme with its peace signs and a ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting in bold, solid white color.

Word Template For Making Printable Party And Event Flyers

Advertise Your Event and Concert

Preparing for an event or a performance can be a lot of work so why not make the job easier using event planning and other preset templates to ease the load? We have plenty of event management and event material prepared as templates so you can turn to them for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, New Years, …

Party Invitation Maker Template For PowerPoint Online

Change the Images to Match Your Event Theme or Celebrant

Preparing for occasions such as birthdays or any other parties can be nerve-wracking. There are so many things that need to be done according to plan in order to ensure a smooth flow of the party and every guest is happy.

Party Invitation Templates For PowerPoint Online

Get the Party Started With These Printer Friendly Templates

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, birth of a baby, a promotion, or just any triumph calls for a party. And a party is created to be remembered. Nothing makes parties and celebrations even more special than when it is held in the presence of family, close friends, and loved ones. To help you create beautiful, festive …

Recipe Cards Maker Templates For Word 2013

Lined Recipe Cards Template for Christmas Season

Dishes made from family recipes are not only centerpieces in every family dinner; they are also topics of fond conversations and reminisced memories. If you are one of those foodies, chefs, or food enthusiasts who hold on to your family recipes like priceless treasures, then you understand how important it is to store these recipes …

How To Create Stylish Photo Cards For Events Using PowerPoint

Elegant and Festive Photo Card Templates

When it comes to special events, hosts go to great lengths to make sure that guests will have the time of their lives. And of course, such events need souvenirs to remind the guests of how much fun they had. Whether it is a birthday, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas party, anniversary celebration, trade event, or even …

Animated Disco Ball Shimmer PowerPoint Template

Animated Disco Ball Shimmer PowerPoint Template is an animated video background which depicts a shimmering disco ball. You can easily customize this video background with your own text, images and logo.