Groovy Birthday Card Template For PowerPoint Online

If you want to give a colorful, groovy birthday greeting card to an equally groovy person, you will find this Groovy Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint perfect. This template is a colorful, tie dye designed template that contains a 70’s theme with its peace signs and a ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting in bold, solid white color.

Create Printable Birthday and Event Cards

This groovy birthday card template is a portrait layout template that can be folded as a two-page greeting card. It also comes with a professionally laid out inside page that has a peace sign image, which complements and completes the theme. Here, you can use the preset message or make it more personal by customizing the birthday message for your heartfelt greetings.

Brighten Up Your Birthday With a Splash of Color

Give Your Cards The 70s Groovy Look

As a birthday card or greeting card, this template can be used for celebrants of any age, whether male or female. This is particularly great for those who are born during, or who lived through, the 70’s where tie dyes, peace signs, and groovy lifestyle is prevalent. This greeting card would definitely take them back to those days.

Create a Different Vibe with Every Unique Color Scheme

To customize this template for your own event, whatever it may be, you can add more text boxes for more textual content, such as event details and theme slogans. You can also insert images or clipart to add more interest to your event material.

Meanwhile, if you want to change your color scheme, you can also do so by clicking on the Design tab on the Ribbon and choose from the many theme Variants available. From here, you can choose the kind of color combination to suit your preferences or your own event theme. There is even a black background set of Variants to give you more options.

Beautiful Easily Customizable Pages for Greeting and Birthday Cards

Aside from being used as greeting cards, this template can also be used as a poster, invitation, or banner for 70’s themed events, concerts, or parties.

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