Word Template For Making Printable Party And Event Flyers

Preparing for an event or a performance can be a lot of work so why not make the job easier using event planning and other preset templates to ease the load? We have plenty of event management and event material prepared as templates so you can turn to them for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, New Years, performances, concerts, etc. This way, you can cut the time in half when it comes to making preparations and therefore focus on the party.

The Word Template for Making Printable Party and Event Flyers is one of the templates that you can use for many types of occasions and events. This free Word template features a simple page in Word Online that is specially designed for the purpose of announcing an event or inviting people to attend a party or occasion.

Beautiful Layout for Any Event or Occasion

This template features text in big, bold, black and red letters so people will surely take notice of your announcement. The template also features sample text to give you an idea of what your own party and event flyer, poster, or invitation would look like.

As a flyer, this template is perfect because it is already designed to grab the attention of the audience and direct them straight to the important details. In the template, you can see the event title in big bold letters, occupying a big space in the page. The Date, Time and venue is also located below it, in smaller text size.

Change the Color Scheme to Customize Your Poster

The specific address for the venue is also located under the ‘Where’ part as well. Further details of the event soon follows underneath, and in the case of the sample text, the bands that will also be featured in the Band Battle. A website can also be indicated to direct interested passersby to find out more.

This event flyer template also has more information on the small column on the right hand side of page, separated by a vertical line. Here, you can list further information such as fees or ticketing details. You can also add your list of sponsors to promote their companies.

printable flyer template for Word online

This template is perfect for concerts or even fundraising activities. You can also use this for themed parties as well.

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