Simple Splashes of Paint Background in PowerPoint using Shapes

Here we will show you how to make an awesome background to simulate splashes of paint in a PowerPoint template that you can use for different purposes. One of the possible applications of this background is to make artistic effects in PowerPoint with a bevel style, but also to be used in a hill PowerPoint template.

Splashes of Paint Background

To achieve this result, we have used the curve shape and added some curves to the slide design. You can see where this shape is listed in the Shapes menu.

hill powerpoint template

Now, try to create a shape with different valley and ridge and then match the design we have displayed earlier. You will need to close the shape once you complete it.

Finally, select the resulted shape and add some shape effects. For this purpose we have used the 3D Format to fill the shape border with a nice 3D style.

hill ppt

Now we can see the results achieved so far. In this case when you start the slideshow and see the slide in the screen, you should see a slide pretty close to the image below. By using this style you can cover an image with a paint effect or paint roller.
irregular shape

As you can see, the result can also be used for other purposes. In this case you can add a car or people walking through the hills.