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Working from your email client can seem impossible. After all, we’re so used to sending and receiving messages through our email clients, opening attachments, as well as setting calendar appointments. It seems a far-fetched idea to be able to work on files just right from your email. You can change all that with for Outlook.

Put in Office Productivity is an Outlook add-in that’s going to change the way you work and use your email. Especially designed for Outlook, allows you to have access to your SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business files directly from your email client.


This has never been done before, and so for the first time, you can save emails and attachments to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business using Outlook. To help you sift from these cloud-based data and more efficiently retrieve or view the information you need, you can even specify tags or metadata and other properties. In fact, accomplishes what not a lot was able to do–to make working with SharePoint so much easier.


Seamless SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Integration

First of all, you have to install and enable the add-in to your Outlook app. Whether you’re using the iOS, Android, or the web-based app, all you have to do is access Microsoft AppSource to get the add-in.

Once you have downloaded the add-in, open Outlook to enable it from there. Once you have the add-in enabled, you now have the pane in Outlook where you can navigate through the dashboard and access SharePoint and OneDrive for Business from there.


This said, you can definitely increase not just your productivity but also that of your team or organization. This is because you can easily upload files to SharePoint Online or Office 365 or OneDrive and have other people get access to your files as well. If you or anyone in your team wants to work on the files, they can do so right within Outlook. Once work is done, instead of waiting a few minutes to attach the files, you can just send them the link to your file. therefore makes it very easy to collaborate and work together, cutting down the time it takes to download and upload files. And with integration with SharePoint, sharing and managing files, as well as keeping track of changes is a breeze.


Eliminate Document Chaos and Get Things Done Faster

It’s easy to get lost through all the files and versions and attachments and links. By having, you can have all necessary files in one place. You can also easily share your work with others right within Outlook. You can also be confident that you’re looking at or working on the right file. Furthermore, all your collaboration tools are in one single application in Outlook, lessening the time and guesswork it takes to switch from app to app and window to window.


All files shared within are also secure. You have no risk of data leakage because your email recipients can only access the data you send as long as they are authorized to do so. For many businesses, this is highly important and can mean the difference between damaging security breaches and business growth.

Lastly, with, you also lessen your email storage, allowing you to do more things with Outlook.

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