Use Custom Signatures for Different Recipients in Outlook

While there are upsides to technological advances, there are also downsides to it–especially if you’re unaware of the many helpful tools out there to make life easier for you. Take, for example, Custom Signatures for Outlook. This free app allows you to use custom signatures for Different Recipients in Outlook.

Thanks to advances in technology, people can now do things that they couldn’t even imagine before. Working from home, collaborating with people from all over the world, and running multiple businesses at the same time–these are all possible today.

If you’re one of those who communicates with different people and works remotely with multiple businesses, then you know how hard it is to switch from one email profile to another. Here come confusion and delays, even costly miscommunications. This is where Custom Signatures for Outlook can be so helpful. The app works with Outlook on the web, as well as the desktop versions of Outlook.

Use Custom Signatures for Different Recipients in Outlook

Customize Various Signatures with One Outlook

With Microsoft’s AppSource, users can now extend the functionality of their favorite¬†Office apps, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Work is now more streamlined, boosting productivity and inspiring collaboration.

For those who work on multiple projects and for multiple companies, those who have multiple startups or are freelancers, juggling different email accounts can be a pain. However, since email is your main source of communication and sharing with clients and colleagues, you have to put up with it. However, thanks to Microsoft’s wide range of add-ins, Outlook is transformed to more than just an email client. Now, it has many add-ins, Custom Signatures included.


Create a Great Impression with Custom Signatures

Custom Signatures is a very simple yet robust add-in that you can use each time you compose an email or respond to messages. The add-in allows you to create multiple signatures for the emails you send to different people. This will help ensure that you still represent the company or brand that you run while communicating with people. The right brand-oriented signature can also ensure that you always put your best foot forward and leave a good impression on whoever you’re communicating via email.

The Custom Signatures add-in for Outlook is available for Outlook on the Web, Outlook 2013+, and Outlook 2016 for Mac. You can download Custom Signature for free through the Microsoft AppSource portal. You just have to log-in with your Microsoft credentials. With this, you only have to download and install the add-in once in any of your devices, and the add-in will be available across all your devices linked to your Outlook account.

Choose-Different-Signatures-for-Every-Message Get Custom Signatures within Outlook

You can also get Custom Signatures from within your Outlook account. Just make sure you have your Outlook open and logged in. Then, as you compose a message, you can click on the Custom Signatures icon to open the add-in panel.

Here, you can create as many signatures as you like and customize them using plain text or HTML.

Then, each time you compose a message, you can just click on the icon and open the add-in panel. You can choose the signature you want to insert and Custom Signatures takes care of the rest.

With this add-in, you can easily use any signature for all kinds of messages and recipients. You don’t have to type a different signature each time, because Custom Signatures will make sure you find the right signature for you. Then, no matter what device you’re on, as long as you have Outlook logged in, you can see that you still have your add-ins. You also have the signatures synced with Outlook on all your other devices.

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