Read Emails in Different Languages with Translator for Outlook

Many advances in technology make it easy for us to talk to one another all over the world. Whether socially or in business, social media and the internet have definitely brought the world together. However, not everything is so smooth. While technology has brought people together geographically, the language barriers still make things a little more challenging. Translator for Outlook is a very useful tool to help you get past the language barrier and communicate with people anywhere in the world.

This add-in is one of the many add-ins available in the Microsoft AppSource as a way for Microsoft to help people become more productive right within their inbox.

Install Translator Add-in for Outlook

Don’t Let Language Barriers Stop You

What’s also great about Translator for Outlook, like all add-ins for Office apps, is that you only have to download add-ins once and they are enabled across all devices with the corresponding Office apps. This is because your add-ins are associated with your Office 365 or email credentials so you can use it on any device without having to install every add-in every time.

Translator for Outlook makes it easy for you and anyone to communicate with people anywhere in the world and clearly understand each other. This helps prevent misunderstandings and facilitates easy communication and collaboration.

Having a translator add-in right within Outlook has many benefits. Aside from facilitating easy communication between people from various language backgrounds, it can also boost productivity. Instead of downloading a separate app or opening a translator site, you can already have any message translated without having to leave Outlook to toggle to other sites or windows.

Outlook Add-ins

Launch Translator for Outlook

To launch and use the add-in, you have to enable it in Outlook. You will see that once it’s installed, there is a Translate Message button that will appear on the Ribbon.

Now, whenever you see a message in a foreign language, you can go ahead and translate your message. The Translator Panel will show you the choices of languages you can translate your Outlook messages to.

Translator for Outlook supports multiple languages, such as Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, and more. Meanwhile, if you’re worried about your data security and privacy, you can be assured that all email translations provided by the add-in are powered by Microsoft. Your data is transmitted securely via SSL and is never stored, sampled, or shared with any other entity.

Translator for Outlook

You can be confident about dealing with other people using different languages, and you can send them messages without having to worry about your security and privacy through the add-in.

Best of all, the add-in is free on Outlook. It’s compatible with, Outlook 2013+, Outlook 2016+, Outlook 2016 for Mac, and Outlook products for Android and iOS.

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