Free Multimedia Choreography PowerPoint Template

Sitting through a presentation filled with only blocks of text can be awfully boring. As always, your audience are looking for variety and something that will excite them. When you have their attention, there’s a greater chance that you will be able to more effectively convey your message and your audience in turn can better retain your information.


To help you add some oomph into your presentations, you can use this Multimedia Choreography PowerPoint Template. This multimedia widescreen template is free to download and is great for company profile slideshows and many other business purposes.

Bring Your Slides to Life

This business presentation template is very interesting because it has a lot of awesome visual features. For one, it has movement and dynamic animations from start to finish, allowing your audience to always be interested with your next slide as it connects with the previous one.

The template has a realistic sea ripple effect for its background, which is continuously moving in a well-choreographed style throughout the slides. It also has a variety of other effects, such as moving pictures throughout the slides as you progress through your presentation. This keeps movement and animation in your slides as you go from one topic to the next, using smooth transitions as well.


Another great feature of the template is the inter-connected slides that seem to make you seamlessly move up and down your slideshow while simply just using a few beautifully designed and cleverly animated slides. This can be seen especially in slides where there are only text, which are otherwise boring as is.

Capture the Interest of Your Audience in Every Slide

The multimedia and interactive theme itself is very interesting. It has a marine or ocean theme that ties in well with the sample company profile. It makes your whole company more appealing and impressive because it can be related with the chosen theme.

You can of course customize this template to suit your own company and brand identity. For example, you can follow the slides’ sample text to complete your own slideshow with your own information.


This template is great for any industry, especially for companies related in oceanography, marine life, maritime, nautical, environmental conservation, wildlife conservation, and many other advocacies.

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