Animated Money Video Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Money is a central theme for many business presentations. Using a money themed template can be helpful in elaborating upon various concepts or making a presentation which can resonate with your audience; such as shareholders, board members, investors, etc. The Animated Money Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint that we have listed below can help you create stylish presentations for professional use.

Money Video Animation for PowerPoint

This video animation depicts 100 dollar bills forming together to create a bar graph. This video animation can have a lot of symbolic value and is perfect for making a powerful introductory slide. You can download this animation as a PPTX slide and also duplicate it to generate multiple slides. There is space for adding your own text and you can even insert a logo or complementary image.

Money video animation for PowerPoint

The animation can be edited in a number of ways, such as by using PowerPoint Video Tools, by adding text-boxes and images over the embedded PowerPoint video or by adjusting the color, saturation and brightness from the download page before downloading the animation.

Money forming bar graph

This money themed animation is available not only as a PPTX but also as a video file in Flash, MOV and Windows Media Video formats.

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Money video animation

Euro Fiscal Cliff Video Animation for PowerPoint

The European economy has been in hot water for quite some time now; especially the EU economy. This video animation perfectly depicts this dilemma with an animation of falling euro symbols from a cliff. This animation can be downloaded as a PowerPoint slide or in the various supported video formats like FLV, MOV and WMV.

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Euro fiscal cliff video animation for PowerPoint

Dollar Fiscal Cliff Animation for PowerPoint

This is a dollar variant which provides a similar animation to the Euro Fiscal Cliff Video Animation. The animation shows dollar symbols falling off a cliff.

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Dollar fiscal cliff animation for PowerPoint

Money Bills Falling Animation for PowerPoint

With raining money with a shiny white aura, this animation depicts various types of money bills raining from the sky. The currencies illustrated in this video animation include; Euro, Yuan, American Dollar and Pound Sterling. Like other animations mentioned above, you can add overlay images and text to this video slide in PowerPoint. Needless to say, this animation is also available in three supported video formats.

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Falling money bills video animation for PowerPoint

Bank Teller Handing Money Clipart

This is a static clipart which shows a bank teller handing over money. This clipart is available in PNG and JPG format, with the option to specify a custom size for downloading the clipart. Furthermore, you can also choose to download this clipart with a transparent or white background.

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Money teller clipart

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