Gauges for PowerPoint Presentations

Gauges have lots of drawbacks in corporate dashboards but sometimes this is what the customer want to see, especially top managers and CEOs. Aside of other visualization tools, gauges can be very basic and decorate your reports or PowerPoint presentations.


By default PowerPoint do not come with gauge templates that you can use for your presentations, so we end designing our own gauges or using premium PowerPoint templates or also known as gauge kits. If we want to draw our own gauges in PowerPoint for example a donut gauge, we can do that using shapes and applying a few transformations.

donut gauge powerpoint

In a donut gauge, the needles on the donut can be rotated to express different values or outcomes. Usually the gauge goes from a min value to a max value and you can change the direction of the needle to the desired amount.

We can create a simple gauge using the donut shape. First, insert a donut shape and another rectangle shape in the bottom half of the donut. Select the donut and then the rectangle and now you can apply the set operation subtract to remove the bottom part.

Using Gauge Kit PowerPoint Templates from Presenter Media

Alternatively, if you need some nice looking and animated gauges for your PowerPoint presentations, you can get one from PresenterMedia and download Presenter Media Gauge Kit. Once you subscribed to the service, using the free PresenterMedia add-in is a simple way to add gauges and other animated templates to your presentations. This is an example of dashboard toolkit with gauges that you can download.

presenter media templates

Alternatively you can learn more about the Dashboard Toolkit for PowerPoint.

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