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Free Basic Resignation Letter Template For Word

Modify the Template to Easily Personalize it

You may be leaving your company for whatever reason. Still, it is important to write a good resignation letter for a variety of reasons. First, you may need to make your employer a reference in your next job. Your resignation letter is also going to be part of your employment file so you need to …

Free Letter of Introduction Template For Word

Standard Template Fully Customizable to be more Personal and Specific

In the old times, a letter of introduction was used by a person who wants to be introduced to another person. He often asks a third party to send a letter to have him introduced to the recipient–all for the sake of etiquette. Today, letters of introduction are far more widely used in business. Often …

Free Authorization Letter Template For Release Of Medical Records

Free Medical Template

As a patient, you are entitled to processes to allow you to access, review, comment, and make amendments to your medical records as your nurse can help you with this upon request. Many hospitals also provide authorization letters to allow for the release of your medical records.

Simple Sales Receipt Template For Word in One Page

Professionally Designed Sales Receipt in One Page

When you’re a business establishment providing sales of products or services to your customers, you know that a sales receipt is important for many reasons. A sales receipt is important in recording the purchases of your customers and for other sales-related information. 

Free Eviction Template for Word

Free Notice of Eviction Template from Microsoft Office

Evicting a tenant is one of the most unfortunate parts of being a landlord. Eviction is usually a time-consuming and sometimes costly process that starts with a Notice of Eviction. A Notice of Eviction or  Eviction Letter is a letter that notifies the tenant of the delinquency of rent payments. It also states the points …

School Field Trip Permission Slip Template For Word

Standard Field Trip Permission Form for Schools

School field trips are an exciting time for students at any level and it could give teachers a break from the four corners of their classrooms as well. School field trips allow students and teachers to extend learning to various places such as museums, historical landmarks, and many more places. However, trips such as these …

Free Receipt Template Design For Word

Handy Receipt Template Design

A receipt is not an unusual thing in any business. As a trading or financial entity, you may have received or issued receipts. A receipt is a written acknowledgment that something, like money or another thing of value, has been received. In other words, it is a written record on a purchase of a good …

Work For Hire Template For Word


In every business and employment, contracts or agreements are a must because this creates a bond between the employer and the employee. A contract delineates the parameters of the employment in a way that shows both parties their duties, responsibilities, rights, and for how long these are applicable. Some contracts are renewable, some or for …