Sakai: Collaborative Learning And Course Management System

A while back we brought you reviews for a number of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, ILIAS, Open Elms and SkyPrep. Sakai is another Learning Management System we thought was worth exploring.

New Features Of Office 2016 For Mac

While Microsoft has been consistently updating the desktop version of Microsoft Office for Windows, it took quite a while to see an upgrade for the Mac counterpart of the Office Suite. Recently, Microsoft launched Office 2016 for Mac and it has come fully loaded with many new features.

Plan, Organize And Present Mind Maps With iMindMap

iMindMap is a mind mapping software by ThinkBuzan for brainstorming, planning, organizing and presenting your content, with the aid of readymade templates and plethora of handy options to creatively accumulate your ideas and to make good use of them.

Comprehensively Manage All Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise With AirWatch

In the wake of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives the need for enterprise security and management of mobile devices has increased. There are very few solutions which allow comprehensive management of all mobile devices across an enterprise and one of them is AirWatch.

How To Use Apple TV To Deliver Presentations

You might have noticed that sometimes, in the room where you deliver presentations, it becomes a bit messy because of wires going here and there, whether it is a VGA cord, DVI adapter or any other wire. So, it’s time to get rid of all these and eliminate the use of video cable for delivering …

Animated PowerPoint Template With 8 Interactive Components

Sometimes one has to go back and forth between slides during a presentation, which makes it a bit odd to quickly rush the slides backward or forward. This can even result in the presenter forgetting the slide he/she was looking for and loose the slide they were last on, which can be quite embarrassing. What …

Using a Color Picker or Eye Dropper in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

PowerPoint 2013 comes with a nice Eye Dropper feature that let you pick any color from the design and get the RGB values. This way you can create slide designs based in the corporate identity or using the colors you want. In PowerPoint for Mac there is no such feature, however you can still continue …