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Just because you use Mac doesn’t mean you can elude Microsoft. Many Windows users use various media players and workarounds for playing MOV files, such as by using the QuickTime player for Windows. However, when it comes to playing WMV files on a Mac computer, you might find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. While you can always use a free converter like DocsPal to convert WMV or WMA files to a format supported by Mac, such as MOV, you might want to skip the hassle of converting a Windows Media file, each time you have to deal with one.

Flip4Mac by Telestream is an easy workaround that can help you edit, convert and play WMV on Mac. In fact, you can play both WMV (Windows Media Video) and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files on Mac computers. Flip4Mac is also recommended by Microsoft itself for playing Windows Media files using Mac.


Flip4Mac Windows Media Component & Player

Flip4Mac has two products that you can use for playing Windows Media on Mac. This includes the Windows Media Component and the Flip4Mac Player.

Flip4Mac Windows Media Component: This is a media component that you can download and use for running Windows Media files using QuickTime Player and play Windows Media files on the Internet via browser.

Flip4Mac media component

Flip4Mac Video Player: This is a complete media player which can not only play Windows Media but also other types of audio and video files on Mac.

Flip4Mac media player

Difference Between Flip4Mac Component & Media Player

Here is a video which quickly explains the major difference between Flip4Mac component and media player.

Converting Windows Media Files using Flip4Mac

Telestream has a number of products which not only allow viewing but also importing and exporting Windows Media audio and video files. This includes the Flip4Mac Player Pro which can import Windows Media files for editing and conversion to Apple’s very own QuickTime format or for your iPhone, iPod or iPad device. Then there is the Flip4Mac Studio and Flip4Mac Studio Pro HD, which enables conversion for Windows Media files to and from Apple based formats.

Flip4Mac conversion options

For more details, download Flip4Mac products by Telestream and see the helpful links given at the download page.

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