Introduction Speech

Learn how to write a speech introducing yourself or the company where you work. Here you can find good introduction speeches and speech ideas for your presentations including sample speeches.

5 Great Ideas For Introductory Speeches

If you are chosen to give an introductory speech, then it clearly indicates that you are believed to be the best person for this job.  Since it is the task of great responsibility and one slight mistake can put a question mark on your perfection so you have to make the effort for gathering stories, …

5 Keys To A Great Expository Speech

Whether at university level or for official purposes; presentation is a part and parcel. But an expository speech is slightly different from other formats. In this version of presentation, you are supposed to demonstrate a specific subject matter in a well-structured and logical manner, with no reference as such to the presenter’s opinions.

How to Plan a Good Introduction Speech

Giving speech has become very common these days. Most of the discussions and decisions bears oration and introduction is being a major part in all these. One who is giving presentation or speech, must have strong and impressive introduction of his speech. However, writing introductory speech is quite interesting but at the same time it …