Master These Techniques For A Winning Speech

In the year 1963, when Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech, everyone was left awestruck. This speech then went on to establish Martin’s reputation as one of the greatest orators ever. Now, that is what we call being an influential speaker.

While writing this text, a question just popped up- whenever comes the point to discuss good speakers, we end up naming great political leaders and activists; why is it so? Well, you may say that these speakers had the facility of professional writers who were great at weaving words. It might be true for say 10%, but the rest of it is actually because they knew how to present their opinion.

winning speech

Thus, we reach here onto the first technique of delivering a winning speech, viz, your unique style of presentation. Now, there is no mystery behind it. Just, be natural with your approach; use a proper body language, use humor if it comes naturally to you (but it shouldn’t be irrelevant) and what else. You are on your way to master the first technique for a winning speech!

Basically, you just need to know how to hit the right cord of audience because after all your listeners are the ultimate critics!

Let’s move ahead to gain a deeper insight into what makes a good speech, a thorough winner. So, here we reach at the second important tip- let your speech flow like a story! Now, that does not at all mean that you will be quoting unnecessary elements to spiff your script. But, it implies at speaking logically while maintaining the flow throughout, so that the audience¬†willingly feels engaged with your speech.

Heading further, if we move to the technical part of speech giving, even then there are a few techniques that need to be born in mind. These include- presenting with full confidence and using the art of rhetoric to lay emphasis on a specific viewpoint (like Barack Obama does!). And, not to miss voice modulation! Depending upon particular situation, it is suggested to vary your voice pitch so as to add weightage to your opinion.

Remember, even if you are giving speech for the first time, just maintain the context throughout and keep audience glued to your speech; and there will be no stopping you from winning over audience’s heart.

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