How to Plan a Good Introduction Speech

Giving speech has become very common these days. Most of the discussions and decisions bears oration and introduction is being a major part in all these. One who is giving presentation or speech, must have strong and impressive introduction of his speech.

However, writing introductory speech is quite interesting but at the same time it is challenging also. Thus one must be very careful while placing each and every word. And the things which should be kept in mind while planning good introduction speech are :

  • It must be entertaining.
  • It should have some humor in it.
  • Try to add some imaginative and creative words.
  • Apart from your basic information, try to include some informative words that relate to your personality.
  • Avoid using traditional way to introducing yourself.

These are the few things which you can add in your introduction speech, but remember, only include things which are factual and make sense. In short you need to create a plot which completely describes your personality.

Perhaps, while creating speech points may be coming to your mind that cannot be expressed in words and you might be amusing on the same and this natural amusement is required in your introduction speech.

Always keep this thing in mind that good start is like casting first impression. Thus it must be persuasive and appealing. Here we are discussing some important factors that can help you in making introduction speech.

  • Greet your audience by having confident eye contact.
  • Open your speech with one liner that can grab the attention of your audience.
  •  First raise query, then answer it directly.
  • Create observational humor.
  • Cite a funny quote.
  • Declare any controversial statement and justify that. This can make situation interesting.
  • Share a persuasive and fresh anecdote.
  • Tell your audience how to be an expert, this will enhance your credibility.
  • Use some prop to illustrate your words completely.

These few things can make your introductory speech very effective, if implemented properly. Don’t worry; practice can make you perfect in all these things and ultimately you will be able to deliver an effective speech with dramatic, successful and effective introduction.

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