Create your custom Maps using TargetMap

TargetMap is a free web platform that offers an interesting service online for users who need to create and customize professional looking datamaps with any country or area in the world.

In this map we can see the number of Facebook users all over the world. This is the latest data published at 31-12-2011.We have compared it with the population of each country. In China we have added Macao and Hong Kong.

By using TargetMap you can create satellite, physical or hybrid maps gathering the data from Excel or tabular files. You can customize the color and specific data can be input in them. The user can also leverage existing public maps for the creation and customization of new ones and this works like a map template. These are not editable maps like the editable US map PowerPoint template, but definitely can design some real maps with useful data embedded in the design.

TargetMap can be a great tool for presenters who need to design dynamic maps for PowerPoint presentations.

Finally, you can export maps as images or embed your maps in any website or blog. Furthermore, it is possible to share maps directly using Facebook or Twitter account.

In the free plan all the maps are shareable but if you need private maps you can order the paid plan which costs at least $49 per month.

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