Classic Book Template For PowerPoint

Anyone involved in the publishing industry or in the literary world would also need to create arresting and attractive presentations. Whether to promote a book, create a brief, summarize a novel, present a plot or for any other reason, presentations need to look elegant, professional, and well-written.

The Classic Book Template for PowerPoint is a beautifully designed template that you can use if you are looking to create simple yet elegant presentations. This widescreen template works best with PowerPoint 2013 yet it still works with earlier versions.

Classic Book-Themed Template

Quiet Elegance for Presenters With a Sophisticated Taste

From the color to the choice of font style and design, this PowerPoint template is a classic. It is also pretty standard, making it useful for many presentation topics, themes, and audience. This template is designed like a book cover, with its brown, seemingly leather, textured background and classic font style. The theme is echoed all throughout the 11 slide templates.

Elegantly Present Data using Graphs and Charts

The Classic Book Template starts with an imposing title slide, with the title and subtitle elegantly framed in the middle. The succeeding slides feature various layouts that can guide you throughout your presentation. You can use these slide designs to creatively and visually display many sorts of data. You can insert tables, charts, graphs, photos and SmartArt using the many slide designs that come with this template. All these slides contain the same theme as the title page so your presentation will look unified.

Standard Template for Numerous Applications

The simple, classic design of this PowerPoint template make it ideal for numerous types of presentations. Aside from being suitable for topics involving books, publications, school, literature and students, you can also use this template even for business, financial, marketing or even personal projects.

Standard, Timeless Template for All Types of Presentations

You can easily modify many aspects of the slide design through the Master slide so that the template can be customized to your preference, topic, style or audience.

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