Animated Autumn Wind PowerPoint Template

Various festivals are celebrated during the fall season around the world. The most notable are Halloween and Thanksgiving. To commemorate various types of fall and harvesting festivals or to simply make a presentation about Autumn, we have an animated presentation template that you can use.

PowerPoint Template with Video Background of Flying Maple Leaves

Animated Autumn Wind PowerPoint Template brings a stunning video animation of flying maple leaves in the gentle Autumn wind. This video animation serves as a background for the opening slide and is also featured in sample slides.

Animated autumn wind PowerPoint template

Sample Slides with Animated Content

With more than 20 sample slides, this template provides all that you need for making a presentation on any topic relevant to the fall season. Whether you need a slide for adding a lot of text, need a picture page, comparison page, editable charts or want to make comparison tables, this template has editable sample slides that can make your job easy.

Animated content page with Autumn animation

Useful Autumn Clipart

As the objects in this template are editable, movable and removable, you can use the clipart in slides by copying it around your presentation. You can also drag to resize the clipart images and replace slide objects with your own content.

Autumn clipart

Chart, Diagrams and Tables

There are a number of slides with sample charts, SmartArt diagrams and tables. You can edit these easily by adding your own statistics and text. The readymade content is matched with the brownish color tone of the template to make the content within charts and diagrams to standout, however, you can also remodel the given content.

Comparison table layout

Picture Layouts

There are various picture layouts in this template, including single, two picture and three picture layouts. You can add images to replace the sample picture to present, diagrams, infographics and other types of illustrations by adding your own images. Alternatively you can check more animated clip arts for presentations in PowerPoint in our related post.

Single picture layout with world map

This Autumn themed presentation template is available for the following:

  • Keynote for iPad and Mac (Standard Edition Only)
  • PowerPoint for PC and Mac (Standard and Widescreen Editions)

Go to Presenter Media – Standard Animated Autumn Wind PowerPoint Template

Go to Presenter Media – Widescreen Animated Autumn Wind PowerPoint Template

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