How To Overcome Stage Fright During A Presentation

Nervousness before a presentation is a common scenario, prevalent even amongst the best of speakers.If you are gripped with cold shudders much before your name is about to be announced; or every time you glance at the audience there is a shiver running down your spine, then it is time you took some steps to deal with the problem. For those of us who face stage frights, there are several ways to help us in overcoming theĀ  problem, its just that we need to put them to use.Let’s have a look at some conventional yet equally useful ways of, coping with stage fear during a presentation.

How To Overcome Stage Fright During A Presentation

Put Aside The Thought of Being Liked or Disliked By The Audience

Its fine to feel that you might make mistakes too. If you think too much about whether the audience will applaud at your presentation or wander off to a different world when you will be talking; will only make you feel more burdened. Hence, just relax and prepare for your best performance.

Talk To Those You Are Afraid of

It is the fact about facing the audience that gives you cold sweat; hence in order to get rid of your anxiety, you must converse with them. It is an advisable option to reach the venue ahead of time and speak to few listeners and make the environment comfortable for yourself.

Think About The Best Presentations That You Have Given

Focus on your high-points so that you are able to demonstrate them on the stage. If you let yourself flow with the images of how you might falter, it will only bring down your confidence. If its your first presentation, then you can think of some event from the past where you have been the winner. Using an application like PowerPoint might be easier as compared to more complicated applications like Prezi or HTML5 web apps. So, use the platform that best suits you.

Few Relaxation Exercises

Stretch, jump and do a few push-ups, to help you calm down. Tensed muscles will only slacken your motions and thinking capability. Do some regular exercises and clear your throat before entering the room.

Rectify Your Mistakes

Errors are not crimes, so don’t treat them like that. When you have faltered at a place or two, own it up and rectify. It will help build your confidence and impress the audience too.

With gradual improvements and ability to cope you will certainly see a change in yourself. Instead of suppressing yourself, you need to go out and make some efforts to fight your stage fear and motivate the presenter within you, overcoming fear is possible.

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