How to Batch Convert Word Documents from Doc to Docx Format

If you want to convert a MS Word document from the old Doc to the new Docx format, you can usually do this via File -> Save As -> Save as type. However, sometimes you might need to convert a number of old Doc files to the new Docx format. In such a case manually converting each document can be quite time-consuming. A simple solution to this can be to use the Batch Process Documents utility to batch convert Word documents.

Perform Conversion for Doc Files to Docx in Bulk

Batch Process Documents is a template add-in which can perform a number of conversion task sin bulk, including the conversion of Word documents from Doc to Docx format. The add-in is a VBA project, which can be used to convert all documents from a folder. To begin, simply download and launch the add-in via the Add-ins tab from within the Batch Process Documents template.

Batch Process Documents

Convert, Password Protect & Edit Word Documents in Batch

To convert files, pick the folder with the old Doc files and select Convert older format documents from the drop down menu. As you can see from the image below, you can also perform a number of other tasks in batch, such as conversion of Word documents to PDF format, convert date fields, find and replace content, as well as to add or remove password protection.

Convert Word Documents in Batch

You can choose an entire folder and even subfolders to perform conversion of Word documents in batch.

Begin Conversion of Word Documents to New Format

The conversion process is quite fast and during testing we converted multiple files in a matter of seconds.

Converting Word Documents in Batch

Once the documents are converted, a new Word document will open with the names of the converted files.

List of Converted Documents

As you can see from the image below, the converted files were saved in the same directory under the same file names.

Converted Word Documents

During testing of this add-in, the document conversion process was quite smooth and we didn’t find any anomalies in converted documents. The add-in is free to use and you can download the batch file template via the download link given below.

Go to Download Batch Process Word Add-in

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