Diet And Exercise Journal Template For Excel 2013

Gyms and diet solutions are getting popular still. New exercise methods and weight-loss formula are being advertised to entice people to lose weight and get into better shape. Still, the core principle behind a healthy body and a beautiful figure is still anchored on two things: proper, balanced diet and regular exercise. The Diet and Exercise Journal Template for Excel 2013 helps you keep track of your nutrition and exercise activities.


Set, Log And Track Your Weight Loss Goal

The Diet and Exercise Journal Template is a free Excel template that allows you to set your weight loss goal. In every endeavor, as well as in dieting and exercise, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. You have to focus on that goal so you will not get sidetracked or easily demotivated.

Aside from setting your weight loss goal, the Diet and Exercise Journal Template also allows you to log your daily food and exercise data, and watch the charts update to show your progress. The template can be modified to easily input all your information and it is linked to a live Dietary Analysis chart and an Exercise Analysis chart so you can monitor your progress at a glance.


There are three tabs: Goals, Diet and Exercise. The Goal tab is where you set your weight loss and exercise goal. Here, you can input your “Start” and “End” Weights and see if you have achieved that within the End Date that you have set for yourself. There are also Goal Loss, Day to Lose and Loss per Day boxes that automatically updates as you go along your diet and exercise plan.


The Diet tab is where you input your calorie, carbohydrate and sugar intake throughout each day. The last two weeks of your diet journal will be displayed on the dietary analysis chart on the Goals sheet. On the other hand, the Exercise tab, or sheet, allows you to write down all your exercises, like treadmill workout, running, and other activities. It also shows how much calorie you burned during each activity and the duration each activity took. These are also displayed on the Goals sheet.

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