Animated Puzzle Pieces PowerPoint Template With Stick Figures

We previously reviewed the Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint and have covered several Animated PowerPoint Templates with stick figure animations. Connect This Piece is a PowerPoint Template which brings a mixture of both stick figures and puzzle piece animations.

How To Access Your Corporate Network From Anywhere in The World?

With the increase in the ability to work from home and initiatives like BOYD (Bring Your Own Device), corporate security has become a nightmare. Furthermore, cost-cutting techniques like crowdsourcing add an extra issue of ensuring corporate security for workers who are remotely hired from another country. And if that’s not enough, bosses expect their regular …

XenApp: Deliver Corporate Applications On Any Device Without Installation

Citrix XenApp is a virtualization platform which enables corporate users to connect to applications from anywhere, using any device. XenApp offers the flexibility of using corporate applications on various devices, without the need to physically install them. Applications are streamed or remotely used directly from corporate servers, which not only saves the hassle of deploying …

Business Etiquette For Meetings And Networking

Networking and business events offer an opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees to converse and meet up with potential clients. These functions can be organized in various places such as local restaurant, trade shows and conferences for more formal networking events. So being an employer if you are thinking of taking your employees to any such …

Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing A Business Recommendation Letter

As with the growing competition, the job market is getting tougher for the applicants. A recommendation letter can be a helpful source for the applicant who is waiting for his turn to be the next employee of a reputed organization. If you carry a good letter of recommendation in your hand then it will surely …

Question And Answer Toolkit Template For PowerPoint Presentations

The Question And Answer Toolkit is an interactive and animated PowerPoint template by Presenter Media for creating interactive presentations. This toolkit can be used for creating question and answer slides which can be used for letting participants from your audience answer questions by selecting the right answer from multiple choices or by answering True/False questions.

Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint Presentations

The Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint Presentations is a set of PowerPoint slides which come with a variety of customizable puzzle pieces that can help you present complex ideas in an interesting manner. Like many other Presenter Media Templates, this PowerPoint Toolkit is ideal for all kinds of users such as business professionals, students, teachers …

Mission Impossible Animated PowerPoint Template

Want to make an impression on your boss or teacher? How about using an animated template with a unique outlook? The Mission Impossible Animated PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media provides a number of animated slides to help you display your boring stats and dull figures with the help of eye-catching animations.

Free Corporate Earnings Analysis Template for Excel


For every company or corporation, it is important to keep track of your business’ status: your sales, expenses, cash flow, operations and earnings, to name a few. This is in order to check if your business, particularly your corporation, is achieving its goals especially in the financial aspect. Free Corporate Earnings Analysis Template for Excel …