Be a show director with your own presentation speeches with TVnima

TVnima is a private online 3D service that lets you create your own presentation and 3D Show using a top notch platform. In TVnima you can create a show, and it has a built-in Text to Speech Generator.

If you are a presenter, you may be looking for new ideas and inspiration about how to perform an innovative and effective presentation. Using this 3D Software you can create an awesome presentation based on a TV Show. For example, you can be part of the most popular TV shows in USA and create a 3D Show to host your presentation.

Once you log in, you can create your own avatars and submit your company or product logo. This will be used later.

Then you can create a new 3D show and TVnima will start loading the online application.

Here you are ready to start creating your own show by editing the scene. The Scene is one of the most important sections of this service, since lets you design the scene type, the background and which logos and avatars to use and define a nice template. As you can see in the image below, there is a nice presentation show or event in 3D.

Another really good feature of TVnima as a 3D presentation service is that lets you choose between a large collection of avatars. You can pick your preferred 3D Avatar from the list of featured avatars. Here are a few examples.

You need to get an invitee to use the service, since it is private. But if you ask for an invite then you will receive it in the next few weeks. 3D Life Player is required in order to create the shows. This can be installed for free via 3DVIA. If you already have a show, you can submit a video URL to be added under your account.

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