Interactive Calendar 2015 PowerPoint Template

Sometimes, one has to create a yearly timeline or display the chain of events and plans in the form of a presentation. The problem with making such a presentation is that it is too cumbersome to design a yearly plan in PowerPoint from scratch. Moreover, instead of having to move between different months to explain …

Things You Should Know About Google Now

For all those individuals, who are looking for ways to make their days more productive and efficient, Google Now is the perfect solution for them. Google Now is an amazing app that helps you to access the required information whenever you need it.

Automatic Monthly Calendar Template For Excel Online

Elegantly Designed Automatic Calendar For Any Year

Calendars are one of the essential things in a home, school or office. Calendars are a great resource for helping you keep track of your schedule, set plans, or keep appointments. Although calendars have the same content, they can be designed in a way that would make your personality show through.

Academic Calendar Template For Word 2013


Organize your daily schedule and remind yourself of your appointments and events with a clear, easy-to-view calendar that is printable as well. A good calendar is a handy tool so you can keep track of your schedule and plan your personal and business agenda.

Any Year Perpetual Calendar Template For Excel


Are you the type who wants to always keep track of dates and appointments? Or you want to be able to make plans and schedules months ahead? Microsoft Excel provides a standard calendar for you. The Any Year Perpetual Calendar Template For Excel allows you to create a calendar for the current year or for …

Organize Tasks And Collaborate With Friends Online With Symphonical

Symphonical is a web service which acts as an online calendar for organizing your daily tasks. It has many useful features that allow you to add tasks with images, organize them according to a schedule within a calendar and invite friends to collaborate with you. Symphonical also comes with Google Hangouts integration which further adds …

GroupLoop Helps You Organize Your Messages, Calendar And Track RSVP Invites

Being a manager, secretary or handling coordination tasks have become quite complicated. There is barley a mechanism that can centralize your calendar, emails and discussions. Moreover, even the available options are not very centralized or convenient. If you are tired of sifting through emails and are looking for an easy organizer to help you streamline …

Simple 2013 Calendar PowerPoint Template

2013 Calendar PowerPoint Template is a free simple PowerPoint calendar that you can download to print for New Year 2013. This simple calendar template for PowerPoint comes in a portrait format and you can easily customize it for your business or organization. This free 2013 template for PowerPoint can be used for commercial and personal …